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Sample Exam Procedures  

The following represents a rough outline of generic  procedures and topics that might be found in a professional licensure test development, administration and scoring  manual.

Table of Contents

Job Analysis        

Rationale for Job Analysis

Construction of Item Banks

Item Bank Storage               

Size of Item Banks               

Item Bank Printing

Test Development

Item Development for Multiple Choice and True False Items

Item-writing rules for professional licensure examinations        

Restricted Response Items

Taxonomies of Questions

Item Construction               

Item Review (Preadministration)       

Grammar and Ambiguity    

Review for Technical Accuracy       

Preliminary Item Tryouts   

Item Review (Post administration)

Maintenance of Item Banks              

STAT Software

Item Longevity

Test Development Performance Examinations

Examiner Standardization (Performance Examinations)      

Test Assembly

Entry Level Competency

Cut Scores

Review of Literature

Criterion Referenced Tests


Angoff Item Bank               

Holistic Method  

Use of Criterion Groups     

Using Multiple Methods

Equating and Related Topics

Definition of Equating

Linear Equating

P-value Substitution

examination development unit Equating Methods


Scheduling the Exam Site

Candidate Information Bulletin

Camera Ready Copy

Printing Exams

Determining the Number of Copies

Monitoring Printing            

Numbering Exams               

Exam Administration          

Proctor Hiring

Examiner Hiring

Shipping Materials

Candidate Examination Instructions

Receiving Test Materials

Selection of Test Site

Arrangement of Test Site

Preparation of Test Administration Site          

Pay and Travel Reimbursement Forms

Analysis of Examination Results

Preparing for Scanning

Scanning Reports

Comment Forms

Item Analysis

Key Changes

Rescoring (Angoff Changes)

Examination Summary Statistical Report

Grade Notification               

Design of Grade Notification

Grade Reviews

Grade Review Sessions

Grade Appeals

Examination Security

Staff  Recruitment

Statement of Confidentiality

Office Security

Disclosure Agreements

Destruction of Examination Material

Compromised Test Materials (state developed exams)

Internal Printing

External Printing  

Printing Supervisor             

Auditing Print Errors


Incident Report